We carry a large variety of top designer frames for both eyeglasses and sunglasses. 

We can also help you with glasses for your specific needs including sports and safety glasses. Experience Matters and our experienced opticians will guide you through a series of questions about your lifestyle and visual needs to recommend the glasses that are right for you!


Founded in 1964 by Arnold and Anneliese Schmied in Linz, Austria, Silhouette frames are made by Silhouette, an Austrian company which makes all of its products in a factory in Bavaria, Austria, bringing aesthetics and wearer comfort to its highest level. The Silhouette Titan Minimal Art Collection was chosen by NASA for its unparalleled comfort, outstanding performance, minimal weight and hingeless construction.



Vera Wang was born in New York City in 1949. She was a former figure skater, fashion editor for Vogue and designer for Ralph Lauren. Vera Wang eyeglasses and frames are made for every woman with a taste for style and elegance. Her collection of eyeglasses is designed with the understanding of beauty and tradition combined with awareness of the contemporary which results in a stunning, elegant and sophisticated line of eyeglasses.



Ray Ban sunglasses set the standard “American Classic Sunglasses” The Ray Ban Predator, Aviator , and Wayfarer sunglasses have been worn by leading actors, actresses, and politicians for decades. Ray Ban sunglasses set the style for sunglasses.



“Inspiration and innovation for every athlete.” The Nike collection offers a good diversity of color, with the Nike logo on the temples of most model. With over 100 different models, theis frame collection is diverse, with a huge variety of metals and plastic, in different combinations of colors. All of the frames are designed to withstand whatever athletic pursuits you have in mind. Many of the frames are made of thin stock metals, some with acetate temples. Frame shapes tend to be rectangular, with several half frame types. .



Safilo Eyeglasses Safilo Eyewear is one of the world’s largest makers of eyeglasses and sunglasses. Safilo makes eyeglasses and sunglasses for Polo Ralph Lauren and many other of the top eyewear labels. Safilo also makes a full line of “house” eyeglasses models, under several names like “elasta” and others.



Kate Spade eyeglasses show the energy, flair and vigor of the Kate Spade brand. The frames in the collection show a myriad of colors and color combinations, all designed to flow perfectly with the Kate Spade wardrobe. Kate Spade is synonymous with crisp color, graphic prints and playful sophistication. The Kate Spade brand brings playful excitment and color everyday life.



The Coach eyeglasses collections compliments the Coach woman and man to a wardrobe full of color and innovation. The feel is casual with a subtle flair of sophistication. Coach style loves to create new cult classics, modern while reminiscent of the past. Coach Eyewear adds a touch of nostalgia to modern society while maintaining cutting edge style.



Lilly Pullitzer began her fashion business in Palm Beach which is the heart and soul of her designs. Lilly Pulitzer eyeglasses frames are popular for their color. The eyeglass frames come with a full rim, half rim, or skull temple, and the most fashionable shapes to choose from. These frames feature the brightest colors, the most exciting designs, a warm and summery fashion.



The Donna Karan New York company (or DKNY as most people call them) have been a top style statement since 1985. Celebrities love DKNY glasses for the stylish appeal and excellent quality. These frames have a certain elegance and charisma to them. This fan following for DKNY eyeglasses makes them extremely popular amongst the common crowd also.



Nautica is synonymous with exceptional textiles, design, and fabrication—a true icon in menswear and now in eyeglasses. The Nautica glasses collections compliment the Nautica woman or man with a feel that is casual with a subtle flair of sophistication. The Nautica eyeglass collection subtley complements this style with characteristic agility and sophistication.



Kay Unger eyeglasses are representative of the highest fashion and style for eyewear. Each frame is designed with Swarovski crystals, metal work, and other high fashion designs. The frames of this eyeglass family are elegant, completely unique, and have been made with a combination of colors, designs, and decorations since 1995. These eyeglasses are designed to both flatter and perfectly fit women and also perfectly fit them


Original Penguin

Original Penguin has an interesting beginning starting in 1955 in Minneapolis where it was a brand introduced by Munsingwear. Original Penguin was originally a brand of golf and bowling shirts. Original Penguin eyeglasses follow a classic, clean and sleek design, coloring tends to be executive blacks and other muted businesslike tones. However their dual tone frames and most notably those with solid white segments really make you stand out from the crowd. The lenses come in all of the current in trend shapes – aviator, modified oval, modified round or rectangle, with some modles featuring double bridges across the nose and even tactile elements such as inset diamond shaped indents.



Timex is world renowned for making of precision watches. Now they have introduced the Timex Eyeglasses Collection. Made by Kenmark Eyewear, one of the world’s largest makers of eyeglasses. Timex Eyewear is well-made and comes in a large variety of shapes and colors to fit all tastes, including Big Man Frames!



Perry Ellis is synonymous with exceptional design and fabrication, a true icon in menswear and now in eyeglasses. The Perry Ellis eyeglass collection awakens the Perry Ellis woman or man to a feel that is casual with a subtle flair of sophistication.